Fine dining

Im Hotel Lamm können Sie zwischen different restaurants or our sunny and beautiful terrace where you can have a glance at the Spessart.

Get to know our fresh and fine cusine with regional and international specialities after a romantic walk or a tour by foot or bike.

Enjoy our seasonal culinary highlights - fish, lamb, asaparagus, strawberries, goose or game - combined with matching Package deals

Our selection of wines from all over the world will please every gourmet of wine. Enjoy and have a wonderful time!

Don´t miss our festivals: Spring time and Silvesterparty

The kitchen - at the very heart of our house - here you can feel that our teams motivation comes from their calling - standing behind the pots is not only their profession, but more their pleasure!


The use of fresh and regional products is self-evident for our chefs, flavour enhancers aren´t necessary.

The dishes on the menu change regularly and are supplemented by a new discovery menu every month - your enjoyment is the reward for our efforts and encouragement in the future.


Enjoy the taste of our creations and let it melt on your tongue

Restaurant voucher

Restaurant voucher

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Lamm Culinary

Lamm Culinary

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