The kitchen - at the very heart of our house - here you can feel that our teams motivation comes from their calling - standing behind the pots is not only their profession, but more their pleasure!
The use of fresh and regional products is self-evident for our chefs, flavour enhancers aren´t necessary.
The dishes on the menu change regularly and are supplemented by a new discovery menu every month - your enjoyment is the reward for our efforts and encouragement in the future.
Enjoy the taste of our creations and let it melt on your tongue

Culinary festivals in our restaurant

Our restaurant offers culinary festivals throughout the year:

APRIL / JUNE :  Asparagus & Strawberries
JUNE :  Salty fish "Matjes" and Chaneterelles - in delicious variations

SUMMER :  BBQ specialities at our terrace
NOVEMBER - CHRISTMAS :  Goose and other poultry

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Voucher World

Voucher World

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Restaurant voucher

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