Junior suite

Junior suite

Exklusively furnished - with living area

- suitable for families (family room)
Location in Main house or Palais
Extra large beds 2,10 x 2,00 m, LAN and WiFi (free), Flat-TV (> 80 radio and TV programs), Luxury bathroom with shower and jacuzzi whirlpool
- Non-smoking room - Dogs are not allowed in this room
Location: Main house or Palais - Note: Junior suites in the Palais have direct access to the wellness area by tunnel

optional extra bed, optional child's bed, extra-long beds, windows that can be opened, air conditioning, minibar, writing set, desk, couch, room safe, shower, bathtub, toilet, bathrobe, hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, desk telephone, radio, SAT TV, wireless LAN
Size:  45.00 m²
Number of rooms:  3
Non-smoking rooms:  3
Occupancy possible:  from 1 to 4 persons

Night make up
26.00 EUR per piece
brilliant appearance for the evening
Exklusive Anti age treatment with Collagen fleece
99.00 EUR per piece
A luxury application - special masque with high concentration
Eye modelling
42.00 EUR per piece
Cleansing, massage for relaxation of eye section, eye care, active substance ampoule
Depilation - body and legs
39.00 EUR per piece
waxing - face and body depilation - legs completely
Hair removal with warm wax
Depilation - upper lip
11.00 EUR per piece
Depilation - legs up to knee
27.00 EUR per piece
Classical facial treatment - extended
77.00 EUR per piece
Cleansing, skin diagnosis, eye brow forming, peeling, massage, masque and active substance ampoule
Intensive treatment for impure skin
62.00 EUR per piece
deep cleansing, peeling, removing, Lymphatic drainage, special masque and day care
Classical facial treatment - standard
57.00 EUR per piece
Cleansing, skin diagnosis, eye brow forming, peeling, facial massage and masque
Masque Thalasso
77.00 EUR per piece
Refreshing algae mask. The extra portion of moisture for your skin. Including cleansing, peeling, Concentre - selected special cream, pampering massage 60 min.
Pretty eyes - eye brow dyeing
11.00 EUR per piece
dyeing of eye brows
Pretty eyes - eye brow forming
10.00 EUR per piece
forming your eye brows
Pretty eyes - eye lash dyeing
13.00 EUR per piece
for the very moment
Pretty feet including foot massage
47.00 EUR per piece
Special treatment including foot massage
Pretty feet plus addtl. parrafin bath
63.00 EUR per piece
special treatment including foot massage and additional parrafin bath
Pretty hands
47.00 EUR per piece
incl. hand peeling, hand massage and hand masque
Pretty hands with parrafin bath and nail polish
58.00 EUR per piece
Care and styling - for a glamorous appearance Exclusive care for your hands, including hand peeling, a pleasant hand massage, an intensive hand care mask, an additional paraffin bath and finally nail polish
Day make up
22.00 EUR per piece
your personal style for the day
Indian Ayurveda Oil Massage - Abhyanga
100.00 EUR per piece
Ayurveda Oil Massage - Abhyanga
After work massage
58.00 EUR per piece
After work relaxation. Back massage of 25 min. followed by a 15 min.facial or foot massage
Chocolatissimo - Chocolate orange oil massage
110.00 EUR per piece
Starting with a chocolate orange oil massage, followed by a coffee peeling and topped by a wrap with a mousse au chocolat creme plus sweet surprise.
HOPI earcandle treatment
50.00 EUR per piece
The Earcandles have a purely physical effect. A light underpressure (stack effect) and the vibration waves of the air in the candle, which are caused by the movement of the flame, create a gentle massage for the ear drum.
This leads to an intensive feeling of pleasant warmth and a "liberating" balancing of pressure in the ear, forehead and sinuses.
Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian full body massage
100.00 EUR per piece
Lomi-Lomi is the Hawaiian form of massage.
Characteristic for this massage are flowing, circling and merging strokes with fingers, hands and forearms.
Lomi-Lomi is known worldwide as the queen of all massages. Lomi is the Hawaiian expression for massage and means "pressing, kneading, rubbing, working on the inside and outside".
During the massage, deeper and deeper layers of the body are freed from fears, stress and cramps.
A Lomi-Lomi can also go deep into the psychic realm, because if, for example, the back hurts, from a Hawaiian perspective this also means other areas of life and soul.
A Lomi-Lomi is the loving touching, stretching, pressing and holding.
Allow yourself some time out and let yourself be pampered.
Duration of treatment incl. rest: approx. 80 min.
Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian partial body massage
60.00 EUR per piece
Lomi Lomi is used in the traditional medicine of Hawaii and is part of the local natural medicine and body work. It is administered by Kahunas (shamanic healers). For them and our therapists the mind is the origin of the body.
Sassi dei Vulcano - stone massage
92.00 EUR per piece
A feeling like fire and ice! Harmonise your energy flow with our stone treatment Sassi dei Vulcano. We use the stones for direct massage. We free you from the burdens of everyday life by pressing and tapping the stones on specific points of the body. This technique goes far beyond the well-known stone treatment and has already been used effectively in ancient Asian teachings.
Treatment time: approx. 60 min.
Thalasso special - fully body massage
120.00 EUR per piece
The active ingredients from the sea stimulate the metabolism, provide moisture, promote the regeneration of the skin, supply it with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and make it soft and smooth.
In addition to a special body peeling, we pamper you with a Thalasso body wrap, an aroma massage and a special face mask.
Treatment duration approx. 90 minutes.
Dream bath for 2 persons
67.00 EUR per piece
including one glass of Champagne and Canapées
Dream bath for 1 person
42.00 EUR per piece
including one glass of champagne and Canapées
Wellness package "Dream day"
92.00 EUR per person
1 salt honey peeling
1 full body massage
1 rose petals wrap

no accommodation included
Tropical symphony massage
90.00 EUR per piece
Natural caribe elixirs will be provided for this exotic body treatment with a fresh Papaya peeling, avocado oil and others. Followed by a gentle, relaxing massage - an absolute feel-good experience for the body and soul.
Chocolate aroma oil - full body massage
66.00 EUR per piece
for the senses
Energy foot reflex massage
45.00 EUR per piece
Relaxing pressure point massage - under consideration of foot reflex zones.
Classical Swedish - Full body massage
60.00 EUR per piece
Release tension – relax the muscles – it simply feels good.
Classical Swedish - Partial massage
38.00 EUR per piece
partial body massage
Combi massage - back and foot reflex
68.00 EUR per piece
This is an ideal combination of a back massage and a foot reflex zone massage. It promotes blood circulation, activates the metabolism and relieves pain. The nerve endings are stimulated, so that a pleasant and relaxing effect is experienced. approx. 50 min.
Head-shoulder-neck massage
38.00 EUR per piece
is both, stimulating and relaxing. Recommended for our business or golf guests
Thalasso - sea algae wrap
42.00 EUR per piece
Has a detoxifying and purifying effect. Promotes blood circulation and cell renewal. Supplies moisture, strengthens resistance. Regulates the production of sebaceous glands and has an anti-inflammatory effect
The perfectly tempered wellness lounger allows the highest degree of relaxation. Surrounded by oils, algae or grape extracts, your skin is cared for and pampered with the tenfold effect of a normal body treatment.
Cleopatra body wrap
37.00 EUR per piece
Body pack according to a special recipe comprising milk and exquisite oils. The beauty secret of silky soft skin.
Oil of evening primrose wrap
42.00 EUR per piece
The exquisite active ingredients in evening primrose provide moisture and have a lipid-replenishing effect. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin and people with irritated skin.
Peeling Aloe Vera
36.00 EUR per piece
suggested to prepare your skin prior to massages or body wraps
appx. 30 min.
Peeling Hot Chocolate
36.00 EUR per piece
suggested to prepare your skin prior to massages or body wraps
appx. 30 min.
Peeling Salt - Algae
38.00 EUR per piece
suggested to prepare your skin prior to massages or body wraps
appx. 30 min.
Peeling Salt - Honey
33.00 EUR per piece
suggested to prepare your skin prior to massages or body wraps
appx. 30 min.